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MuseBook Tuner is a smart and powerful Pitch Detection Tuning Software. MuseBook Tuner is a reliable tool that will show you the tuning status of an instrument and display the detected note on a stave and keyboard image. MuseBook Tuner can also be used for your vocal or instrument practice. While you are singing or playing a musical instrument like a violin, you can track your current pitch on MuseBook Tuner in real-time so that you can get perfect pitch by self-training. MuseBook Tuner displays a detected note in various ways, such as note on a stave and keyboard image, note syllable with its octave, current pitch frequency with reference. MuseBook Tuner also detects a pitch per 44 msec, ranges from A0 to C8 (Piano 88 keys) . MuseBook Tuner is also a Spectrum Analyzer and displays the frequency spectrum (0Hz ~ 5,500Hz) or waveform. Three Tuning Modes are including: -Chromatic mode : recognizes the pitch of input sound in chromatic scale. (Shortcut key 'C') -Manual mode : analyzes the pitch based on the assigned note. (Shortcut key 'M') -Sound mode : produces the oboe tone of an assigned note. (Shortcut key 'S') Main features: -Real-time Processing -proceeds and displays tuning status in real-time, more than 20 times a second. -Tuning Range -A0 ~ C8 (Piano 88 keys, 26 Hz ~ 4,500 Hz) -Pitch Detection -utilizes Real-time Pitch Detection SDK 2.0 for the best pitch detection result. -Frequency Analysis -analyzes the frequency pattern of the input sound by recent signal processing algorithm. -Useful Tuning Modes -Chromatic Tuning Mode, Manual Tuning Mode, and Sound Mode -Note Denotation -displays sung or performed note on stave with note syllable and its octave number. -Syllables available -CDEFGAB, Deutch, Solfeggio, Solfege, Japanese and Korean syllables -Pitch Detection Range Controller - prevents unwnated pitch from being detected -Noise Reduction -reduces unwanted noise of input sound. -Pitch Calibration -calibrates the reference frequency of A4, from the standard 440Hz by +/-1 cent unit. (-600 ~ +600 cents) -Input Source Selection - supports selectable input source including MIC and LINE-IN by internal mixer interface to the soundcard. (If a soundcard does not support this feature, a mixer software of the soundcard should be executed to control input source/level.) -Guitar Tuning - covers unstable changes of harmonics while onset or diminishing time. -Piano Tuning -supports piano inharmonics for tuning a piano. -General Tuning -tunes general instruments including strings, woodwinds, brasses, and human vocal. -Vocal Practice -helps you to practice vocal since it displays current note on the score in real-time. A really great piece of software for all those who are in need of a Pitch Detection Tuning Software and not only. Requirements: -Operating System Windows 98 / ME / 2000 / XP -CPU Pentium II 400MHz or higher, IBM compatible PC -RAM 64 MB or more -Hard Disk 10 MB free space -Soundcard 44.1KHz 16bit mono recording, MIDI play -Microphone Low noise level and flat frequency response is recommended -Speaker or headphone Optional but recommended for sound mode -Software needed Microsoft DirectX 8 or higher version Limitations: -30 days trial MuseBook Tuner is a reliable tool that will show you the tuning status of an instrument and display the detected note on a stave and keyboard image.

Systems: Windows

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